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Rosemary McClintock

1221 State Street Suite 6 Santa Barbara, Ca 93101
Phone: (805) 845-0030

Lady McClintock Studios
Art Gallery

Rosemary McClintock is a local Santa Barbara Portrait Artist who began a journey into reproductions of the Masters after being challenged one day by her husband to, "paint me a Da Vinci!". Since that day Rosemary has painted on canvases from 14ft in height to miniatures that are painted on piano keys. Rosemary was a member of the West Coast Society of Miniature Art and was accepted by the Royal Miniature Arts Society of England, where her art work was displayed in the Queens Gallery in London. Rosemary has painted many Our Lady of Guadalupe's which now hang in churches and mausoleums throughout the United States and Europe. One wall in the gallery will always showcase a couple of Rosemary's oil paintings.

Bringing a little bit of Italy back to Santa Barbara

Done in the classical manner of Leonardo da Vinci, using his techniques of underpainting in grey tones followed by layers and layers of glazes, each done separately as to not bleed into the other. Other than in Italy and Museums, this technique of the masters is hard to be found. By studing and refining this technique over decades, Rosemary McClintock is able to bring out the luminosity and the longevity of the painting as done by the masters, by painting the painting twice, first in grey tones secondly in color. Rosemary McClintock is an artist that brings back the renaisance flare with its everlasting radiance."
A renaissance painting done in the style of Leonardo da Vinci, according to size and subject matter, can take anywhere from three months to a year to complete

If you are interested in purchasing one of her pieces, please use the contact page.

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